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What Do We Do?
We train successful professional men and women to become Executive Coaches.

What Will You Get from Our Programs?
The Skills to do executive coaching at a corporate level.

The Confidence to identify yourself as an executive coach who can speak the language and do the work that executive coaches do every day.

The Opportunity to start using assessment tools to engage your clients and provide the kinds of in-depth coaching which the best executivecoaches are noted for.

The Contacts with coaching peers who areclassmates who number among the best and the brightest professionals training to be executive coaches today.

The Training from some of most thoughtful, executive coaches, not to mention some well-knowncelebrity executive coaches who will teach guest classes as well.

How Are We Different?
We Restrict Enrollment to Successful Professionals:
We restrict our students to professional men and women who have already distinguished themselves in their careers.

Our coaching training school prides itself in seeking to identify and train the best and brightest professionals moving into coaching, whether they are coming from human resources, psychology, organizational development, social work, teaching, accounting, business training or consulting.

We firmly believe that the best executive coaches are professional men and women who have already distinguished themselves in their profession. Their success in other fields enables them to leverage what they do well already in applying it to coaching.

Our private talent war is to recruit and train the best and brightest men and women seeking to expand their learning in the coaching field. Sort of a New York Yankees of Coaching (with the women playing an equal part on this Yankee-style team.)

Our mission is to provide a no-nonsense approach to coaching. This means we wonít make pie-in-the-sky promises to you about how easy the field is to get into and do well. To be successful as an executive coach you have to work hard, and be excellent at what you do.

Our Relationship with the International Coach Federation.
Our program is respected by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Students who take classes and seminars through our program can use their class hours towards ICF coach certification as an MCC, PCC, or ACC, as a ìPortfolio student.î To become certified by the ICF, students need only take an essay test administered by the ICF, assuming they have met all the other requirements.(Go to coachfederation.com to find out more about the ICF, and coach certification.) We are not, to date, however, an officially accredited coaching program of the ICF.

Psychologists Take Note
For psychologists, Executive Coach Academy is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. Executive Coach Academy maintains responsibility for the program.Go to www.apa.org to find out about membership and upcoming events of the American Psychological Association.

Our Philosophy

For us, coaching will never be a fad. Coaches are as necessary to our clients as they are to Olympic athletes seeking to get to the next level of performance. Coaching is all about strengthening what you do well already, as well as facilitating behavior change. Humans that we are, most of us have a hard time changing even simple things in our lives, such as the wrist we wear our watch on. Our programís mission is to support coaches who are most talented at facilitating that magic of change. We like to think of ourselves as the magic behind the magicians.


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