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Executive Coach Academy offers training in executive, corporate, business and personal coaching.

Executive Coach Academy is the coach training program of Robinson Capital Corp., a human capital resource company.

One mission is to bridge understanding gaps between worlds of business and psychology.
Another is to create a learning community of emotionally intelligent coach-sages.

We offer ongoing classes in coaching at all levels and all modalities including on the phone and in person. You can learn more about the classes by clicking on ECA Programs.

Training for HR/OD practitioners is also available through an Internal Coach Certification Program. These programs are available at your worksite or our location in New York City. Please contact us to discuss details and make arrangements.

Our Referral Desk offers a panel of coaches who have either taken classes or taught classes in our program, and who continue to be interested in being part of our community. Each is an excellent coach and can be contacted by clicking on his or her email address.

If you are a client arriving at our website to take an assessment online, click here.

Your coach should have given you the needed passwords for taking the assessment and told what assessment you were slated to take.

Students and Faculty are able to utilize the ECA bulletin board to exchange information and resources related to their work.

There is a private email listserv for graduates of our program and current students.

We publish a free email newsletter, Corporate Coach Direct, available 2x per month, to which you can subscribe by clicking on newsletter. CCD back issues are archived and can be accessed as well.

Jeremy Robinson, MSW, MCC is Dean of Executive Coach Academy and President of Robinson Capital Corp. He has been an executive coach and management consultant for more than 15 years, and has trained coaches since 1999. He is known for being a trusted advisor and intuitive idea person in working with both large Fortune 500 companies and small businesses and professional practices. He is a frequent presenter and speaker at conferences related to coaching. Jeremy can be reached by email at: Jeremy@executivecoachacademy.com.