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Coaching is about inspiration; consulting is about providing information. Inspiration added to information equals performance acceleration.

We offer a 120 hour Certification Program in Coaching. Students are required to take our ECA 201 - Foundation Course, Certificate Program in Coaching, and ECA 210 - Healing the Hole In the Soul, weekend retreat.

Beyond that, students are on their own to choose any course listed below as an elective.

Five students at any time who join together may request any class at ECA.

The tuition for the entire 120 unit program is $ 5,995, if paid in advance. Students may alternatively choose to pay for courses as they take them by paying for each course individually. The tuition does not include classes in Internal Corporate Coaching which is a separate program.

Programs direct slelction

ECA 201 - Fundation Course: Certificate Program in Coaching

ECA 202 - Certification Program in Hogan Assessments

ECA 203 - Coaching practicum using Hogan assessments

ECA 204 - Sharpening Your Deep Listening & Intervention Skills as
a Coach

ECA 205 - From Couch to Coach: What a psychotherapist needs to
know to become an executive, business or personal coach

ECA207 - Three-Sixty Multi-rater Assessment Training

ECA208 - Self-disclosure, self-discipline, boundaries, ethics
and coaching

ECA 210 - Healing the Hole In the Soul

ECA211 - Coaching Dialogues with prominent coaches

ECA231 - Presentation skills and public speaking

ECA300 - Coaching Grand Rounds

ECA 301 - Independent study

ECA302 - Review course prior to ICF



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