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ECA201. The Foundation Course: Certificate Program in Coaching
This course is the prerequisite course for students new or even those in the early intermediate stages of their coaching and consulting careers. This is the course which started all the excitement about our program, and which students continue to get excited about in learning coaching.
The course involves hands on experience coaching and being coached by fellow students and the instructor on the intake process, setting goals, establishing the relationship, administering assessment tools and coaching with them. The objective is to give students the ability to collect data deeply so they can become the world’s leading expert on both their clients and their client's organization.All students get hands on training in using the following assessment tools: MBTI, Firo-B, Strong & Skills Assessment, Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI), and one of the following: GLOF (Global Leader of the Future), LOF (Leader of the Future), PEA (Professional Effectiveness Assessment) or Leader of the New Millennium. Note: although students receive training on all these assessment tools, they will need to contact the vendors of the instruments if they wish to become certified in using them.

Classes are delivered on the telephone in one hour conference calls, twice a week for 32 hours over 16 weeks. There is also a 2-day (in person) weekend that usually takes place towards the end of the course. For those unable to attend the weekend, we offer four individual coaching sessions from an ECA-approved coach as an alternative.
This course is the pre-requisite for all other courses at Executive Coach Academy, except through permission from the Dean.Course cost: $2,495 if paid in advance; or $ 2,700 in three $ 900 installments. The cost covers all assessments you will take in the class and a workbook. You will be responsible for buying several books and articles as well.No students will be charged for course tuition until they have attended for 30 days and are satisfied that the course meets his or her learning needs. Students will, however, be required to furnish financial information (i.e.-credit card number or check) prior to registration. In the event that students are unable to attend or do not wish to attend the course after the initial 30 days, they will be financially responsible only for any assessments they have taken, or workbooks which they have received during the initial month they had attended the course.Upon course completion, each student will receive a Certificate in Executive Coaching & Coaching from Executive Coach Academy.
Course completion amounts to completing 47 hours of continuing education units from Executive Coach Academy (assuming the student takes the two-day weekend; otherwise the number of CEs received is 32.)
Our full certification program in coaching involves completing 120 CE units in classes from Executive Coach Academy.
Executive Coach Academy courses can be used as part of the certification application
for ACC, PCC, or MCC-certificates with the International Coach Federation. ECA students
will be considered Portfolio students and will be required to take an essay test for their ICF certification.
Students should understand that they will have to fulfill the other requirements besides the course work to be certified by ICF. To learn more about what these are, please go to the ICF website at
Note to Psychologists. Executive Coach Academy is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. Executive Coach Academy maintains responsibility for the program.
Tuition: $ 2,495.
Credit hours: 47 hours.

ECA202. Certification Program in Hogan AssessmentsParticipants will receive training and certification in use of Hogan Assessments including Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). All participants will get to take these assessments prior to the course and will receive feedback on their assessments as part of their training. Certification will allow participants to administer and use these Hogan assessments in their coaching and consulting work..
Fee: $ 1,200. This training is in person over two days. We require eight students enrolled in order to deliver the course.
Credit hours: 14 hours

ECA203. Coaching practicum using Hogan assessments.
Seminar course for students who have used and/or who are currently using HPI, HDS and MVPI with their clients. The class uses specific case examples of how different clients indicate the types of suitability clients have in their management positions. We also discuss how to coach towards behavioral change using the information we have obtained in these profiles.
Fee: $ 600 for ten hours of training either delivered one hour at a time over telephone bridge-conference calls or in person. Pre-requesite: ECA # 202 or certification in Hogan assessments.
Credits: 10 hours



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