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ECA 204. Sharpening Your Deep Listening & Intervention Skills As A Coach
This telephone-based seminar will teach you a disciplined yet creative system to track your interventions with clients to determine how well you are listening and intervening. The purpose of the class is to teach you haow the coaching intervention validation system works, and how you can useit to improve your work as a coach.
The class starts with an inquiry into the listening process, using a poem written by Wallace Stevens. We discuss the emotional requirements and constraints for becoming a good listener, and what listening has to do with observing, reflecting, understanding and loving.
The course takes place every other week- a total of six classes starting Wednesday April 9th , 2003, 12 Noon New York time for a total of ten weeks. Each class lasts 90 minutes. Students receive credit for 6 hours of continuing education (CEEs) which they can use towards ACC, PCC or MCC certification or re-certification. The class teaches skills related to ICF Core Competencies as a coach.
You are required to present a live 30-minute hour coaching session with a client or written or recorded transcripts of work with a real coaching client. If time does not allow you to make the presentation in class, you are required to submit tapes or written transcripts to the instructor prior to course credit being awarded. (Tapes and/transcripts must be received by the instructor by June 25th, one week after the last class, scheduled June 18th.)
You have the chance to role-play both being a coach and a client, as well as an observer. This allows you to ìtry onî the concepts being taught.
Each class has a feedback segment that allows you to discuss what youíve learned, and to discuss your lessons learned with your peers. The class is taught in the spirit of providing constructive criticism for risk-taking and learning.
Attendance is taken at the beginning and end of each class. If you enter the call later than 15 minutes after the class has started, or leave more than 15 minutes before the class ends, you do not receive credit for that class. You may opt to receive only four or five CEEs for the class (by attending only four or five classes). To do so, you must notify the instructor before the final class, the number of CEEs you are seeking. You must, however, complete the assignment successfully to receive continuing education credits.
If you do not presently have coaching clients, you will not be able to receive CEEs for class attendance because you will not be able to complete the class assignment. You are welcome to attend the class as a coach who is interested in furthering your learning.
Fee: $ 300.
Credit hours: Six.
Note: This is an open class open to students who have not taken any other ECA classes.

ECA206. From Couch to Coach: What a psychotherapist needs to know to become an executive, business or personal coach
This eight hour in person seminar offers an intensive course for mental health professionals who are considering adding coaching to their professional abilities. We offer a frank  assessment of the kinds of coaching skills most mental health professionals both possess and lack in coaching. During the workshop you will have the chance to learn more about the unique resource tools executive coaches use and you will have an opportunity to role play a few coaching scenarios with fellow seminars attendees. We will provide you with a workbook of follow-up books and articles to help you guide your learning, and development.
Fee: $ 1000.
Credit hours: 20 hours

ECA207. Three-Sixty Multi-rater Assessment Training
Training in four multi-rater assessment tools from vendor assessment plus including Global Leader of the Future, Leader of the Future, Professional Effectiveness Assessment and Leader of the New Millennium. After successfully passing this class, participants will be able to become providers of these assessments and others thru assessment plus.
Eight hours over one day on site.
Fee: $ 650.
Credit: Seven hours.

ECA208. Self-disclosure, self-discipline, boundaries, ethics and coaching
This class will deal with how to develop a professional identity as a coach while keeping full attention on the client. We will discuss thorny interpersonal issues which arise in the course of the coaching process such as when and how you use self-disclosure, boundaries with clients, and ethics and coaching.
Tuition: $ 500.
Ten hour over twenty weeks on the phone.
Ten class hours.

ECA 210- Healing the Hole In the Soul
A weekend retreat on coaching. In this experiential weekend we will concentrate on personal issues raised by issues and dilemmas we encounter in our coaching and consulting work. These include core psychological issues as well as ongoing issues such as integrating life and work, and finding what Robinson has called Capital M. Meaning.
Friday 6 pm until Sunday @ 5 pm.
Fee: $ 1000.
Credit hours: 20 hours.

ECA211. Coaching Dialogues with prominent coaches
This class will feature five conversations, varying in length between one to two hours, with coaches and consultants who have built successful businesses. Focus of the conversations will be on asking the distinguished guest coaches to guide us through their mental models as they work with clients, and how they select interventions and strategies they use. Each will describe in detail how she or he work as a coach.
Tuition: $ 500.
Every other week via phone- five meetings over ten weeks.
Credit for eight class hours

ECA231. Presentation skills and public speaking.
Four Day Seminars on developing your presentation skills to become an effective speaker and presenter. You will be videotaped as part of this class so be prepared to see yourself in action.
Sixteen hours on site.
Sixteen class units.
Fee: $ 800.


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