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ECA300. Coaching Grand Rounds
Once per month a coaching session will presented ìliveî on the phone with feedback and follow-up from coaches attending the Rounds.
Two class hours per month.
Fee: $ 75 per month over six months.

ECA301. Independent study
Reading on coaching towards the writing a paper, article or book on the subject. Must be approved by the Dean and done in conjunction with an ECA-approved coach who will act as your advisor. Hours and fees to be determined on individual basis.

ECA302. Review course prior to ICF application for certification
During this course, coaches applying for new credentials or re-credentialing from the International Coach Federation will get a chance to review core coaching competencies, ethics and practice issues in coaching, and other areas ICF coaches are required to be knowledgeable about.
Six hours over three weeks via phone.
No class hours are credited for this review class.
Fee: $ 300.

limited to 12 participants.
Targeted to HR/OD professionals, and others working internally who do coaching in an organization, this intensive four day course will upgrade your coaching skills and help you provide ongoing coaching to your most challenging and interesting clients. (Two half days of this course are conducted over the telephone before and after the three day in- person training portion.)

The course consists of three segments:
Identifying your learning content needs, learning style and your personal and professional background.

after you register for the course and fill out the application materials, you are contacted by a Coaching Mentor who interviews you in an assessment session.
You will also be asked to take several assessment instruments over a secure internet site.
Learning and practicing what it takes to become what we call ìthe worldís leading expertî on your client including in-depth interviewing, using focused assessment tools, helping your client track his/her learning needs, practicing ìwhispering-in-the-clientís earî coaching, identifying goals and solutions for behavioral change, being a strategic partner both with your client and in your work environment.

Details: Upon arrival at the in person three day session, you will receive the results of your assessment from your Coach/Mentor as part of your team. (Regarding more sensitive information in your assessment, this will be discussed with you in an individual coaching session scheduled in the first two days.) You will learn ìthe worldís leading expertî model of information gathering; core coaching competencies you need to utilize in working with clients including listening, intervening, validating interventions, confronting and supporting; choosing and using assessment instruments which work for you, and your companyís culture; planning behavioral change agendas with your clients, and helping track them; observing and practicing your coaching; strategizing about your role in the corporate environment, and learning when and how to set information boundaries and other boundaries, learning how to be strategic partners with both your boss and your client; and when and how to utilize outside coaches and consultants as partners.
Tracking goals with your clients and your strategic goals in your work environment while identifying continuing dilemmas and finding supports to solve them.

Details: you receive four hours of follow-up coaching with your Coach/Mentor, the first of which includes your monthly, quarterly, yearly and five-year goals, and key strategies to help you get support for achieving your results and tracking them. You take part in four units of any class offered over the telephone by Executive Coach Academy, including Grand Rounds, Interviews with Prominent Coaches, etc.
Ongoing coaching work: You work up a coaching case study with any coaching client you have worked with for a duration of at least six months. This case study is either presented as a paper to your Coach/Mentor or presented as a case during Grand Rounds at a class of Executive Coach Academy. (Your coaching client may choose to participate in person over the phone or not. In all cases, the name and identity of your coaching client should be disguised.)

Moves HR/OD Professionals to advanced skill levels
Increases self-observation and self-awareness levels of coaches
Solidifies identity as a coach
Adds coaching capabilities to HR/OD leaders
Meanwhile, studies have shown that your COMPANY WILL BENEFIT through your coach training by much higher ROI of your work, positive ìcoachingî effect on clients, co-workers and supervisors around you, promulgation of informed coaching agenda through out your company, increased initiatives for your company to retain top talent in the talent wars.
This program is available at your work site, or can be contracted for at a location near you.
Cost: $ 3,800 per person, including all assessments.

• Timing note: Because participants are required to take assessments as part of this program, please allow six weeks prior to in-person attendance in starting the course.
• Certification note: Participants may opt out of the certificate version of this course by not completing the third stage of the program.


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